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Land Owner Assistance Program

According to the University of Kansas University, Institute of Policy & Social Research (2010) there are over 65,500 farms in Kansas.  The average farm size is slightly over 700 acres; the average farm owner is over 57 years old.  

A good number of the farms are owned by absentee landowners.  They do not reside on the property and often are not able to make yearly visits to inspect their agricultural assets.  The distance between the landowners and their farms often leads to a wide variety of concerns.  For example, How can I make more income from my farm? Is it time to sell the property and forgo the agricultural income?  What kind of conservation can I place on my land to insure it remains in agricultural use?  Are there any tax advantages to placing my land in a financial trust?  Is a 1031 tax exchange a good idea for me to pursue? How can I deal with trespassers on the property? The list goes on and on.

Due to the increased inquiries into these matters, the Sunflower Land Trust has put together a team of local experts who can provide answers to the landowner concerning their needs.  Feel free to contact us if you have any land related concerns and we will gladly forward your inquiry to the appropriate expert.


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