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Mitigation Program: Mitigation Banking, In Lieu Fee, Threatened and Endangered Species Opportunities.

Mitigation systems are created to offset damages caused when projects eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of a natural system. A project could cause the degradation of a wetland system, damage to stream quality, habitat loss, water quality issues or air pollution. Regulatory agencies are overseers of the natural systems and, as such, issue permits for the construction of various projects. For example, the Corps of Engineers through their 404 Permit oversee projects impacting streams or wetlands. The US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Kansas Wildlife, Parks, Recreation and Tourism monitor various wildlife species under their Threatened and Endangered Species Program. The US Environmental Protection Agency interfaces with other agencies to reduce project impacts on air and water quality. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issue permits regarding local water quality issues. Each agency has its own permitting process, but in general they coordinate their permits in order to minimize a projects environmental impact.

The Sunflower Land Trust is an active participant in the mitigation process.  We work with Army Corps of Engineers to create Mitigation Banks and In Lieu Fee Programs. The SLT also works with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to mitigate habitat losses for Threatened and Endangered Species. Our current mitigation bank serves the mitigation needs in South Central Kansas. An In Lieu Fee program provides state wide mitigation assistance to projects not covered under a mitigation bank. In addition, the SLT can help to create habitat for Threatened and Endangered species on a statewide basis. The following projects clearly demonstrate our ability to provide mitigation need for Kansas projects.



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